Moving to a subdirectory


I want to have the current version of “” in a subdirectory…probably something like “”.

Reason → I want a decent landing page on “”, I CAN design in Webflow and not in Ghost so that’s how I’ll need to do that.

The site is hosted on

How do I go about doing this without messing up? Are there tutorials available about just that?

You’ll need to change the blog URL in Ghost to (url in config.production.json, and edit your Nginx config, so the location matches, i.e., location /masterclass {.

In addition, you’ll need to set redirects for existing pages and posts etc., so inbound traffic lands on the correct page. This needs to be done in Nginx. Something like this.

if ($request_uri !~ /masterclass/) {
    rewrite ^ permanent;

Edit: If you are creating the landing post with Ghost, then you can use Routes to move posts and archives under /masterclass, and create the landing page in your theme. All other pages will be off the root folder. Then, redirects may be handled in Ghost, e.g., redirects.json