Multi-Language Confirmation E-Mail

Hello, Ghosts,

a few months ago I already had my first contact to your platform and the great support. At that time there was no possibility to send the confirmation emails in other languages - today I wanted to ask again - unfortunately it is still the case and my colleague Beccy Kedward told me that I will post this note in the forum.

That is what I am doing. We would be delighted to receive a Multi Language Confirmation. (Especially in German) :smiley:

  • probably easy to edit.

I firmly believe that many others would be happy about that, too.

Best wishes & good health

Hi @Snoppa_Movies,

unfortunately there is no multilanguage support for the emails right now.

However, you can edit the mail templates into german (like i did :stuck_out_tongue: ).


  • Edit transactionals mail templates (signup/signin/subscribe/updateEmail)

  • Edit api.js to show correct Email Subject.

I posted the templates below, with german translation.
Just copy&paste or and edit the phrases to your liking.

Important note:
be aware, core files will have to be edited after every ghost version update you do!
after the update your files will still reside at the old versions path, but you will have to copy them over to the new current versions path

Hi everybody,

I did the same for Spanish. I’ll leave them here in case someone needs them. :grin:

[I wanted to post it in the embedded format like @daniel1 did, but I couldn’t make it work… I tried the embed code provided by gist, what’s the correct way?]

Hi @markobremer,

paste the gist url in a single line like and it will automatically load the proper github embed.

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Hi, thank you. I translated these files and uploaded them to the folder via Cyberduck. Still, all emails are in English. What might be the problem here?

Did you restart ghost?
Ghost hast to restart in order to load your changed files:
Go into your console and type:
$ ghost restart

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