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Does Ghost support managing content for multiple websites from one installation?

A lot of hosted platforms have a dropdown where you can move between multiple website properties that you can manager from one instance/account.

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Good question - I’m also curious.

I’ve got 20+ posts pre-written and am getting excited to use Ghost (def using Ghost, not WP), but I’m trying to figure out what I’ll be able to manage with my limited skills and what Ghost can do without tons of technical knowledge.


I’m still relatively new to the Ghost world, so I might’ve missed something, but as far as I have seen it’s one website per server instance, and there is no admin integration that allows you to manage multiple sites from a single interface. It’d be handy I imagine, but I run several sites and haven’t found it to be a major burden to switch URLs/tabs to manage them.


You can have multiple Ghost sites on a VPS and you can manage them individually at server level.

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