Multiple mobiledoc cards

Using the Admin API what is the correct format to post multiple cards using mobiledoc?
The format below gives me an error Invalid mobiledoc structure.

                       let mobileDocJson = JSON.stringify({
                          version: '0.3.1',
                          markups: [],
                          atoms: [],
                          cards: [
                            ['html', { cardName: 'main', html: main_html }],
                            ['html', { cardName: 'list', html: list_html }]
                          sections: [[10, 0]]

You can create a test post using the Koenig editor and use the API or monitor network requests to see what Ghost is storing :wink:

Do note that some cards are abstractions around sections (for example, dividers are <hr />)

Here’s a sample:

    ["html", {"html":"<strong>This is a bold block</strong>"}],
    ["html", {"html":"<ul>\n    <li>this is a block</li>\n</ul>"}]

Thank You I was missing the ‘1’ in


I had


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