How to resolve "Validation error, cannot edit post. Invalid mobiledoc structure."?

I’m trying to add several elements to an existing post. In the original version, it was one Markdown section. I added a Header section after it, which updated successfully. Then I did more work, and am now consistently getting a “Validation error, cannot edit post. Invalid mobiledoc structure.” when attempting to update after having done the following:

  • Broke out the Markdown into several separate Markdown sections
  • Between each of the Markdown sections, added a Header section and a Divider section
  • Added a Callout section at the top, which included soft linebreaks (a table of contents)

What is could be causing the error? I suspected the soft linebreaks might be unexpected content, but deleting that section still did not result in a successful update attempt. Not sure what else would be problematic. I wish the error message were more helpful, such as pointing to a line number or at least narrow it down to a section.

Unfortunately 4.36.0 contained a bug with header cards that could produce that error if the header/sub-header was left blank after creating the card.

4.36.1 has just been released with a fix. If you upgrade you shouldn’t get the error any more.


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