My blog does nothing during 2.2 seconds (mobile)


I spotted a weird behaviour on my blog and I don’t know who is the culprit. It might be the theme I’m using but I need to be sure. Please have a look.

Hi @NicolasK,

few things i noticed:

  • Tracking
    Fetching the momently.js takes forever on your site and the ping brings back a 403 error
    You load ga.js, but i would encourage you to switch over to the newest version of Google Analytics and implement gtag.js instead
    You load some tracker.js which i don’t now what that is, but it adds to your loading time.
    Solution: fix momently implementation or better get rid of it and only use gtag.js.
    One tracker like google analytics is more than enough anyway, imho
  • Fix Style Recalculation
    There is quite a bit of style recalculation going on your site, probably due to your css and the vendor.js which seems to shift your site around while loading.
  • Tailwind.css
    Your tailwind.css isn’t used for more than 97% on your homepage - which is way too much overhead to load without needing it anyway.
    It also loads slow (445ms in my test)
    Solution: Slim down css and/or load css from your server or faster CDN
  • vendor.js
    Vendor.js loads your images, but you deferred it via the in your defer attribute in your script. It#s basically waiting waiting waiting until the html is parsed and then starts to insert images and stuff. Is that intentional?
  • Preconnect
    Try to preconnect third-party scripts in your header to establish connections earlier
    <link rel="preconnect" href="">
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