My website doesn't rank

My URL is I believe I’m using the lastest version of ghost
Recently I’ve migrated all data from my medium blog, which is Particle Network - Medium, to this new address.
My objective is to do SEO on the blog. Here’s the problem
According to semrush, the blog doesn’t rank for any keyword in the top 100. While the medium site, does.
Did I do something wrong? Is there anything I can do in the blog settings so it can begin to rank to top 100 keywords?

two things -

How long has your ghost site been up?

Did you add your Medium site as the canonical URL on each post (under metadata section) :)

my website has been up for about 1 to 2 weeks now
And I’ve added my site as the canonical URL on each post on medium
Was I supposed to put Medium as the canonical URL on each post as well? or was I supposed to ONLY put Medium as the canonical URL on each post?

I would start from the domain. A .network TLD will never rank. I would:

  • Get a .com
  • Add website to Google Search Console
  • Start by targeting low competition keywords (you will never rank for higher competition KWs with a young website)
  • Continue doing the same thing for 2-3 years
  • Analyze, refine, buy links if necessary
  • Rinse and repeat

Definitely not. You point canonicals from the copy site to the authoritative site. Never point them in both directions, and Ghost sites should not set the canonical to themselves either, as it causes the page to disappear from the sitemap.

Do you have the site set up in Google search console? Have you submitted your sitemaps? Any errors? Has the Google bot been through to crawl both sites since you made these changes?

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it typically takes 3-6 months to rank,that’s probably why you aren’t seing results. As for the canonical sites, I would follow what @Cathy_Sarisky has to say. Canonical should (?) be whichever comes first :) I think on that last sentence, don’t take my word for it!

I don’t believe the TLD should affect the rank, but would welcome evidence to the contrary.

1 Like,%2Dlevel%20domains%20(gTLDs).

The only concrete thing I see there is:

In general, top-level domains specific to a country or region (ccTLDs) tend to rank better in local search results than generic top-level domains (gTLDs).

I see nothing there that would suggest a problem with the SEO of a .network TLD.


Google says that there is nothing wrong with a .network. l generic TLD (Top Level Domains) as they are treated equally (I don’t believe it anyway) - so it shouldn’t affect directly the rank. However, they are not treated equally by users. Nobody clicks on .network domains.

True, TLDs are not ranking factors. It’s just that .Com is popular.

You have a point when you say they aren’t treated equally by users, that’s because people trust .Com but this can change if someone with a different domain extension works on their SEO. I would choose a .network if it had answers to my questions (high quality content)

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There are still many nuances to this. Heavily spammed TLDs (which I would include .network in) are potentially lower crawl priorities so you may get some negative impacts due to that.

Source: Search Off the Record: Let’s pick a domain name

Your site is indexed by Google:

Why is it not ranking? Only Google can tell (check the Google Search Console), but I might have a feeling…