Pages not being indexed in Google Search Console

My fairly new Ghost site has nearly 100 posts, but Google Search Console seems to know about 42 of them, but is only giving me reasons for not indexing 2 of those.

The two it tells me about are the www and non-www version of the homepage, and of those it says “Page with redirect”.

I didn’t put any redirect on there, so not sure what’s up with that or how I solve it.

I know that new sites can take a while to get out of the sandbox, but I figured that the redirect doesn’t sound good!


PS not saying this is a bug with Ghost, just couldn’t find a better place to post this

I think we’ll need a bit more info.

  • How/where are you hosting your site?
  • Are you able to share the URL?

The redirect is likely what you want, but we need more info.

(I also moved this post to Using Ghost.)

How new is your site?

Thanks for the superfast response Ryan!

Sorry, I thought this was just for Ghost sites; it’s hosted on

Here’s the URL:

It’s only about a month old; it is highly likely I may just be being impatient lol

First off, don’t hesitate to reach out to They’ll be able to offer you expert advice for your particular site.

That being said, if you’re using the default configurations, then you shouldn’t need to worry about anything with redirects, etc.

Did you submit your sitemap in Google Search Console?

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If you want content to be indexed faster submit your posts manually, you get 11 submissions a day.

Over time Google will determine how often to index your site based on your posting frequency but for new sites submitting manually gets you indexed quicker.

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Very helpful bert, thanks!

Ah OK, new user so I thought this forum was the support avenue, that’s good to know!

Well that’s what I thought, so I wasn’t sure why it was giving me notices about redirects.

And no, I guess I forgot to submit the sitemap, it’s a while since I made a new site, thanks for the reminder!

“Not being indexed” means they are crawled?

If this is the case is probably because, for now, Google thinks it’s not the case to index those pages.

It’s something possible after just one month and 100 articles (it’s actually the amount posted in one year for normal blogs).

You can approach this by improving those pages and linking them from other pages. In this way you will tell Google to “reconsider” them.

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