My member signup form doesn't work

I have this in my Post.hbs:

			{{#if @labs.members}}
			<section class="post-subscribe">
				<form data-members-form="subscribe" class="post-subscribe-form">
					<input data-members-email type="email" required="true" placeholder="" class="post-subscribe-input"/>
					<button type="submit" title="Subscribe by email. No spam, only posts, promise!" class="post-subscribe-button">Subscribe</button>
					<p data-members-error>
						<!-- error message will appear here -->

If I go to one of my posts (e.g. ) and try to sign up, it doesn’t work, the form gets the success attribute set but I don’t get an e-mail so a new member won’t be added. Any idea on how to fix this? Thanks.

The form is used for sending a signup link. When a user clicks the signup link, the user will be added to the members list on your dashboard.

I do realize this, and it used to work, but it doesn’t work for me anymore. When the user fills out the form they don’t get an email. I am currently looking into if it might be the e-mail configuration.

I use e-mail transport “Direct” and when I test my e-mail configuration, the e-mail is received successfully. So I don’t understand why the membership e-mail doesn’t seem to be delivered.

Try using an external mail service instead of Nodemailer. Ghost recommends Mailgun.

Thanks! I’m setting up Mailgun. Hopefully it works.

Update: It worked! Thanks.

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