Email sign ups no longer working?

I’ve been using a self-hosted Ghost blog on Digital Ocean and Mailgun. Everything worked fine when I created different sign up flows a few months ago. Recently, I’ve noticed some people complaining about no longer being able to sign up.

I’ve tested this myself and the sign up button for my website no longer works. Could this be related to DigitalOcean Status - Account-Related Emails?

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Also, I can still send emails to members. The sign up is the only thing that is not working

It looks like your site is set up not to allow sign ups.

Can you check your Membership settings and make sure it’s set up to allow sign ups?

This recently changed when I upgraded to a new version to Ghost, thinking it would affect the change.

I do indeed not restrict any settings

And this sign up form change only happened last night after I upgraded ghost

Prior to this it’s always been the default portal

After some hacking around in the portal, it now displays this on my end. Sign up seems to fail but I sent a bulk email to members 2 days ago.

I just tried it out and it seems to be working for me!

Yes I figured out the solution.

I removed the port in the production config. Unsure why this was a problem though

Can you provide a little more info as to what you removed and where? I have Mailgun setup and working as far as sending out new posts successfully, but the signup aren’t working. Thanks

I removed the port number in the production config where the mailgun setup is