Navigation helper cannot got correct url

mysql table row is

5e23141c945ff06e54c1a343        navigation      [{"label":"DjangoCMSBlog","url":""},{"label":"NextBlog","url":"
"}]     blog    2017-11-09 05:16:20     1       2020-01-22 10:13:18     1

ghost use the casper theme,and we set first-level navigation as above(delete norelated labeles)
But the navigation item NextBlog show url,not, and same as the html source of the webpage.

How do i debug the handlebarsjs template? and What is the problem?

Did you enter this via the Ghost admin?

Yes,set In settings—design–NAVIGATION.
ghost v3

I see, would you be able to link to the page so I can debug it? , see the NEXTBLOG nav. it shoulde be ,but it show

What do you meaning link the page?
I alway on twitter @BaulCN, you can reach me.

Have clear cdn cache for ,and browser cache.

Can you show the code for the navigation? It looks like Casper was customized a bit.


<div class="my-fancy-nav-wrapper">
    <ul class="nav">
        <!-- Loop through the navigation items -->
        {{#foreach navigation}}
        {{log  this}}
        <li class="nav-{{slug}}{{#if current}} nav-current{{/if}}"><a href="{{url absolute="true"}}">{{label}}</a></li>
        <!-- End the loop -->

cat partials/site-nav.hbs

<nav class="site-nav">
    <div class="site-nav-left-wrapper">
        <div class="site-nav-left">
            {{#if @site.logo}}
                <a class="site-nav-logo" href="{{@site.url}}"><img src="{{@site.logo}}" alt="{{@site.title}}" /></a>
                <a class="site-nav-logo" href="{{@site.url}}">{{@site.title}}</a>
            <div class="site-nav-content">
                {{#if @site.navigation}}
                    {{log this}}
                {{#is "post"}}
                    <span class="nav-post-title {{#unless @site.logo}}dash{{/unless}}">{{post.title}}</span>

later content in the file , i just change the twitter link ,it is not related with issue .

I add {{ log this}} ,but cannot figure out where look at the log. just confirmat that admin interface and mysql row show but the NEXTBLOG nav link on home page only show
Also i suspect the {{navigation}} hander issue, but cannot found where have issue.

Hey, is there a possibility you put the navigation item into the secondary nav rather than the main one? There’s two navigations in Ghost now :slight_smile:

No,only in the first navigations in the admin menu

I’ve tried your navigation code on a local install and it seems to work ok, even when adding a subdomain. Just to make sure, are you hitting save when you change the navigation?