Not understanding Ghost caching


My blog is on Ghost Pro. The URL is here:

Using the Casper Theme.

I’m not understanding why from some Pages in my site a link works. But from other pages it does not - I get a 404 error.

For example from my home page the About link at the bottom of the page works. But if I navigate to another page on my site the About page doesn’t work - I get a 404 error.

I’ve also run into weird caching problems. Pages that don’t display as expected when browsing from my desktop or phone display fine when I call a friend and have them look.

Maybe when making changes we’re not updating the site correctly? I looked around for what is best practices when updating a theme, couldn’t find much.

We come from Word Press, never had to deal with caching before. On Ghost caching seems to be a thing, we need to understand it.

Is there content we can read that covers best practices when making changes? A sort of Ghost caching for those new to Ghost? If so, please send a link. Anything else - tips and tricks – would be appreciated too.


This doesn’t seem to be a caching problem.

I noticed on your site that the correct URL for your About page is

So when you are on the homepage and click on About, it goes to the correct URL.

But when you are in a post and click on About, the URL it goes to is**the-blog-post-permalink**/about-me

For example:

When you are in the homepage and click on About, nothing is being added to the permalink of your About page, that’s why you don’t see 404.

I think in your footer.hbs, you need to change:

<a href="about-me">


<a href="{{@site.url}}/about-me/">

Howdy brother,

We’ll give it a try. Makes sense!

So grateful for your help,
peace and love,

I think we got it fixed. If anyone would like to check, happy to return the favor.