Navigation helper cannot got correct url

mysql table row is

5e23141c945ff06e54c1a343        navigation      [{"label":"DjangoCMSBlog","url":""},{"label":"NextBlog","url":"
"}]     blog    2017-11-09 05:16:20     1       2020-01-22 10:13:18     1

ghost use the casper theme,and we set first-level navigation as above(delete norelated labeles)
But the navigation item NextBlog show url,not, and same as the html source of the webpage.

How do i debug the handlebarsjs template? and What is the problem?

Did you enter this via the Ghost admin?

Yes,set In settings—design–NAVIGATION.
ghost v3

I see, would you be able to link to the page so I can debug it? , see the NEXTBLOG nav. it shoulde be ,but it show

What do you meaning link the page?
I alway on twitter @BaulCN, you can reach me.

Have clear cdn cache for ,and browser cache.

Can you show the code for the navigation? It looks like Casper was customized a bit.


<div class="my-fancy-nav-wrapper">
    <ul class="nav">
        <!-- Loop through the navigation items -->
        {{#foreach navigation}}
        {{log  this}}
        <li class="nav-{{slug}}{{#if current}} nav-current{{/if}}"><a href="{{url absolute="true"}}">{{label}}</a></li>
        <!-- End the loop -->

cat partials/site-nav.hbs

<nav class="site-nav">
    <div class="site-nav-left-wrapper">
        <div class="site-nav-left">
            {{#if @site.logo}}
                <a class="site-nav-logo" href="{{@site.url}}"><img src="{{@site.logo}}" alt="{{@site.title}}" /></a>
                <a class="site-nav-logo" href="{{@site.url}}">{{@site.title}}</a>
            <div class="site-nav-content">
                {{#if @site.navigation}}
                    {{log this}}
                {{#is "post"}}
                    <span class="nav-post-title {{#unless @site.logo}}dash{{/unless}}">{{post.title}}</span>

later content in the file , i just change the twitter link ,it is not related with issue .

I add {{ log this}} ,but cannot figure out where look at the log. just confirmat that admin interface and mysql row show but the NEXTBLOG nav link on home page only show
Also i suspect the {{navigation}} hander issue, but cannot found where have issue.

Hey, is there a possibility you put the navigation item into the secondary nav rather than the main one? There’s two navigations in Ghost now :slight_smile:

No,only in the first navigations in the admin menu

I’ve tried your navigation code on a local install and it seems to work ok, even when adding a subdomain. Just to make sure, are you hitting save when you change the navigation?

you can see again,only the nextblog fail,other ok.

Seems like there is some sanitization going on behind it. Might be related with this.

@minimaluminium Dont understand this.
But i find the issue is related with the url format.
The url path must end with some path, not only / such as http://aaa/, should be https://aaa/pathcomponent.

If a nav item url contains hostname ( in this case, because contains it), it trims next. So it looks like you should make your next blog’s url something like It works because it doesn’t contain the hostname

Yes,I should try it .
Note: chang to,first visit ok, But a few hours later ,it link change to by the running ghost , 404 error.