Need a "Closed" mark for topics

I have found the Forum to be a very useful tool for searching out the answers to questions, and for learning more about Ghost. However, in order to help each other more effectively, we need a “Closed” mark for topics, so that the topic author can mark the topic Closed, showing no more help is needed. And then, we need a filter at the top for “Open” topics so we can see if we can answer someone.

I have tried to add “Solved” or “Closed” to topics I have created that no longer need replies. But it’s unwieldy, and certainly not filterable. So, let’s add it to the forum software. Thanks!

Post authors can mark a response as a solution, which adds a check mark next to the title in listings :slight_smile:
You can filter for unsolved posts like so:

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Well, I’ve seen that option on some posts. But, I was about to mark your response as a solution, and I don’t see any way to do so.

Is it only available for certain posts, or certain categories?

You’re right - I guess the solution option might be limited to certain categories, like only Help :thinking: