Need advice: Wanted to instrall ghost on Hostinger provider

Thank you giving your precious time to read my post,I wanted to know how to install ghost on hostinger (hosting provider ) as I already had bought it for three years and have bought SSL And domain,so I search how to do it like Wordpress but I did not find tutorial,and I really wanted to to host my websites as I only do blogging.

when I do searching I did not find a single word of ghost from review or so called tech video guru (sad me) ,and funny thing is I find ghost when I searching open source new plugin for Wordpress.
Can you tell me how to install ghost on hostinger

Ghost needs a sever to be installed not in shared hosting with cpanel control panel…
& regarding the plugin you found thats for exporting wp post to import on ghost.

So here is how you can install ghost on a Server (Ubuntu 16.04 & 18.04)

Thanks for that :innocent: