Need help with site modifications

We have some changes we’d like to make. Maybe calls for a new theme or changes to the existing. We’re currently using Casper on Ghost(Pro). There have been no alterations to the template. Here are some things we’d like to have included or modified:

  1. ‘home’ page divided by sections (News feeds, blog, Integrators, retail edi).
  2. All sections/pages with a tag cloud on right side. Social follow buttons above or below tag cloud.
  3. Users need to be able to search from any page. Google search would be fine.
  4. Images on posts, we’d prefer to not have them enlarged the way Casper does. If they showed up half that size or ‘as sent’ it would be fine.

the site is, code is happydays. I’m looking to get this completed by end of next week if possible.

If you don’t have time next week, but can the following, that’s ok too. Or if you know someone who can do this would appreciate the referral.

Hey Jim,

We have extensive documentation on how to develop themes with Handlebars in Ghost

You could use these to get stuck in yourself, or there may be some developers within the community that could be commissioned to help with the work.

Thank you for the message, David. If I listed this incorrectly, apologies.

This is a project I’m trying to find/pay someone in the marketplace to do. I have other projects to work on and don’t have time to do this. Nor is this my specialty. I’d rather pay a pro to do something I know will work rather than ‘hoping’ I didn’t forget something and being late with other projects.

I realize it may not be the biggest project, but it’s a start.

Links on that page does not work

Lins on my page? I’m not terribly surprised right now. :/

Or are you talking about - I’ve been found a few over the last two weeks.

No, Jim. I’m referring to the Ghost Docs :wink:

Oops, thanks for letting us know. I’ve updated the link, here’s the new one Ghost Handlebars Themes - Building a custom Ghost theme - Docs

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