New article: Getting full text search working with a paywall

For anyone thinking about implementing full text search with Algolia, here’s what I didn’t know this morning that would have saved me time if I had. I’m following the Ghost-provided directions here algolia/packages/algolia at main · TryGhost/algolia · GitHub , but they result in newly-written full text being exposed to searchers, and older paywalled full text not getting searched.

Here’s how I fixed it!


Hi, thanks for sharing!

I have the Netlify app working and CLI installed (plus the webhooks enabled) but I don’t know where to use Algolia console to edit the search behavior.

That’s supposed to be managed within API calls?

You’re talking about this part? (direct link to section) Full text search with Algolia for a Ghost membership site

If so, you set up what the search returns on Algolia’s website.

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It’s done, thanks again!

My problem was a broken installation of the CLI, so I was not be able to found the Algolia dashboard :smiling_face_with_tear:

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