New blog comments for Ghost (Talkyard)


I wrote a blog commenting system, a Disqus alternative. It works with Ghost.
I only had to update the embedding code with {{comment_id}}: data-discussion-id="ghost-{{comment_id}}", and insert into content/themes/casper/post.hbs.

It gives people who use Ghost, more options to choose among, than Disqus. Some people don’t like Disqus, because of ads and tracking — well apparently you know already, since you mention that, on the Disqus integration page.

And, does it make the Ghost blogs out there, look better, than with Disqus?

Here’s how it looks. It’s called Talkyard.

Could it make sense to add Talkyard to the integrations page? Or what's required for a "plugin" to qualify for the integrations page?

This is open source. There’s also serverless hosting, with privacy, no ads no tracking. If you’d like to read more: Feedback = welcome.


Looks really neat - I’ve sent you a message to discuss integrations :+1:


Looks so good, I hope it works with Ghost nearly days.:+1::+1::+1: