How to enable comments in Ghost blogs in 2020?

I checked few discussions here on the best commenting system for Ghost. What is the best way to do thi today?
I found Disqus, NodeBB and Talkyard from threads. Would prefer not to use Disqus as it is ad infested, etc. Is Talkyard the best choice today? Any other alternatives?

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Telegram Official Comments Widget - simple and free -

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You can use “Disqus”, which is a simple way to comment on articles. Many ghost themes allow integration of disqus.

I use Discourse.

I think you mean to say that Disqus is ad infested, not Discourse. This forum we’re conversing on right now uses Discourse, and there’s no ads in sight.

My blog uses Discourse. No ads.

Yes, I meant Disqus is ad-infested. Editing the original post.

Any alternatives to Disqus?

I use Talkyard for my Blog

You could try Commento also.


I tried it but Talkyard is my favourite

I just signed up to Telegram comments, it’s super simple and seems so much more lightweight than the rest.

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You are welcome )

Can you share any instructions on how to install telegram comments? Want to check out

I really liked commento while I had comments. It was great as an app (blog owner) and as a blog user (reader).

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Make sure you have Telegram installed on your mobile device and you’ve signed up with your mobile number. Visit and select “Connect Website” on " Comments for websites". It will ask for the number registered to Telegram, put your number in and then go to the app and confirm requested access.

Type your site name and site address and click “Connect Website”. It will then give you a JS embed script which you can place on your blog. You’ll probably want to download your theme and place the code inside post.hbs. Your theme may have a commented out section which looks like the following…

<section class="post-full-comments">

Remove the “<!--” and “-->” and place the code in between the above code and then save, zip the theme and upload to Ghost. You should now see comments on your blog posts. :slight_smile:


Does the user who wants to comment need a telegram account for this? The user base of telegram is not so big

I decided to use Commento


Yes they do, but it gets rid of spam which I see as a good thing.

Hi. Commento and Hyvor Talk seem like the best options so far. If you want to have a forum as well, Talkyard seems to be the best complete package. Hope it helps.

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With Commento hosted on your own server (the same one as your Ghost installation), you are in control of your own data and there is no additional charge for the comments.

One of the things I’ve done with comments is allow both Facebook and Disqus, and for performance reasons, I have the comments load only if it’s a bot (read: Googlebot) or you click a button that says “Interact with comments”. This one piece alone has saved my load times, and instead of 10+ seconds to load a page, it’s less than 3.

I’d highly recommend if you use a 3rd party comment service, that you explicitly disable them until a user either sees it (e.g. load on visible), or clicks a button to interact.

Good luck!

Can you share the details, with code on how you achieved this? It will be helpful to the community.