New Blog Setup Essentials

Hey everyone

I started up my blog, installed a nice theme and setup analytics (

I still have to setup SSL properly, as it is router through Cloudflare (flexible, not Strict) and does not have end to end encryption with LetsEncrypt (I am getting issues with the validation stage)!

But - what are some good things to setup or learn while I am here?

I am new to all this and have set up Ghost through a VPS. I will be looking into mx/smtp servers to setup mail later on.

With Wordpress we have things like Yoast SEO and other plugins - how should I be managing things like site optimisation and search enginge visibility? Do I have to edit the metadata for each page in HTML manually or can I do it from the Ghost desktop app?

Hey @trojan! You’ll be pleased to find out that Ghost comes with a pretty great SEO setup out of the box. The metadata fields that you might be seeing in posts and pages are there to help you fine tune your SEO for crawler bots as well as popular social networks. Check out these links on what Ghost does for SEO:

We don’t have plugins, but we do have a vast selection of integration options:

If there’s anything else that you’re interested in then you can either check out our docs Ghost: The #1 open source headless Node.js CMS or just ask on the forums right here! :smile:

Hey welcome, besides what David posted, I have on my blog some guides by me and by others that may benefit you at the begging, check it out

Btw nice theme