When will sitemap generator be triggered?


I have posted some articles on my blog, but they are not added into sitemap.xml immediately.

Thank you

Now I know the posts are linked by sitemap-posts.xml
Is this good for SEO?


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Hello again,

From this page, I found “ghost-oss-store saves to Aliyun OSS”. It’s deprecated and not working.
I have forked this repo and trying to fix it, but please just remove this link for now in case other people like me waste a lot of time struggle with this piece of crap.

Thank you

You can suggest changes on docs.ghost.org. There is a button top right saying “SUGGEST EDITS”.

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Thank you for your patience.

Good news: I have fixed the issue.
Bad news for me: During reading and Googling, I found Ghost is lacking a proper plugin system. For example, it’s kind of weird and too complicated to ask users mkdir -p xxxx/xxxxx && git clone xxxxxxxxx.git && vim config.production.json. It’s also a stupid idea to mix plugin settings into Ghost-core itself. Each plugin should apparently have its own config.json file.
Have your team ever tried to build some GUI plugin installer like WordPress?
Personally, I would prefer a Ghost CLI command ghost-module install ghost-oss-store with interactive and friendly Q&A.

Correct, Ghost does not currently have any plugin/app system but it is planned.

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