New commits on development install


I am trying to install Ghost for development, according to the steps outlined in this document:

I have followed everything up to this stage:

# Quick check that everything is on latest
git checkout master && git pull upstream master

# Then return to Ghost root directory
cd ../../

Back in the Ghost root directory, I run git status and I get the following:

Basically, I see that there are some modified files inside core/client, but I have not made any changes so far.

Has anyone else experienced this? I will appreciate any pointers to how I can resolve this.

Note: I am on a Windows 10 system with Node v12.16.1

@simplymichael that’s expected, it’s how git submodules work. The core/client submodule in master is pointing at the ref of the latest release tag but that is not the same as the up-to-date master of the Ghost-Admin repo so it will appear as if it’s changed.

Safe to ignore. We also have git commit hooks to warn you if you accidentally try to commit with a submodule update included.


@kevin Alright, then. Thank you for the info.