New Ghost hosting -

Hey guys,

I wanted to bring to your attention a new Ghost hosting service at
DigitalPress offers free and paid Ghost blog hosting.


The free plan is supported by ads and provides 1GB image storage with a couple free themes out of the box.
All blogs include custom integrations - you can enable e.g. Disqus or Google Analytics just by configuring Disqus or GA ID. No coding is required.


  • The blog platform uses Varnish cache
  • Provides free Let’s Encrypt certificates for all custom domains
  • Uses a global CDN for images
  • Runs on multiple servers behind a load balancer to ensure high availability

I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts on the service.

Disclaimer - I work at DigitalPress

Hi, How do you configure digitalpress for custom domain:

as per your website:

You will need to configure a CNAME, ANAME or ALIAS DNS record with your DNS provider in order to enable your custom domain.

are all three fields required on DNS provider side?
what will be desired values for these fields?

Hi @far11ven,

It’s sufficient to configure just one of the three records to set up your custom domain.
Once you create your Ghost blog you will see an option to enable a custom domain. The process will guide you and tell you what value you should use to configure DNS.
The configuration is done on DNS provider side.

My thoughts are that your pricing per GB is very high.

We didn’t want to overcomplicate things with the pricing and talk about the amount of compute resources your blog receives in each plan. We have rather hidden it “inside” GBs of storage – the higher the plan, the more resources your blog gets.

I understand it’s not clear and we need to work harder to explain the plans more clearly.

Thank you for your feedback. It’s spot on.

The click on the plans is not working, the href is not configured.

Thank you for reporting this. Great catch!
We completely missed it.

It seems like a good host to me. I will try it with my new affiliate website and will let you know what are my thoughts about the host. If it comes out that good that you are ensuring it to be then I will also include it in the below mentioned blog post: