[New Theme] Massively-Source

Hey I merge Massively with Source I would be very happy about Feedback.

Hoping this to be the most technicaly advanced free Theme.

Available on Github


This is Massively-source, a text-heavy, article-oriented design built around a huge background

image and scroll effects powered by Scrollex. Originally created by @ajlkn for HTML5 UP and later ported to Ghost, then merged with the Source theme by jochumdev .

Demo: https://jochum.dev


for users

  • Fast
  • Translateable using i18next on client as well as some hacks to translate routes.
  • Uses HTML5 as much as possible, works well without JavaScript
  • No CDN
  • Parallax effect background image
  • Automatic higlighting of code in Markdown

for creators / developers

  • No external CDN dependencies, host all on your own:
    • @tryghost/sodo-Search, @tryghost/portal GPR compatible
    • Source Sans Pro, Merriweather fonts GPR compatible (no cdn)
  • No jQuery
  • rollup with gulp for javascript.
  • i18n using i18next as well as dynamic routing
  • No more javascript grid
  • scss using dart-sass
  • Parallax effect background using jarallax
  • Customizeable over theme custom parameters
  • Highlight.js
  • Automaticaly updates and copies all code using “npm” and Gulp

Is it realy that Fast?:

Ask webpagetest.org

My ever evolving routes.yaml:

    controller: channel
    filter: tag:hash-en+tag:tech
    template: page_and_index
    data: page.en-tech-intro
    controller: channel
    filter: tag:hash-de+tag:tech
    template: page_and_index
    data: page.de-tech-intro

    template: page
    data: page.de-about
    template: page
    data: page.en-about

    permalink: /en/{year}{month}{day}-{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: tag:hash-en
    permalink: /de/{year}{month}{day}-{slug}/
    template: index
    filter: tag:hash-de
    permalink: /{year}{month}{day}-{slug}/
    template: home

  tag: /tag/{year}{month}{day}-{slug}/
  author: /author/{slug}/

There’s still some stuff to work on:

See Github Issues

Releases available now on Github releases