New to Ghost - Photo gallery recommendation

Hi, I am planning to migrate an existing magazine site to Ghost. I think it will be excellent especially the authoring experience. In this magazine, the site owner likes to include a photo gallery on many of the stories. Each photo in the gallery has a caption and sometimes there is more than 9 photos. Any recommendations on how I could achieve this? My site owner is an elder, WYSIWYG kind of person. She is good with embeds but I need to keep things simple for the authors.

Well, good news. It’s built-in already!

See here in this video Screen Recording 2019-01-21...

It doesn’t look like you can apply a caption to each image, only to the gallery?

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Yes, that is true. I am looking for a gallery with a few more features, I am curious as to what others do.

Thanks, I know how that works, I was looking to add a photo gallery with captions under each photo in the gallery.

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