Newbie issue with site not showing at all on Google

Recently set up a Ghost site with DigitalOcean and for some reason, the site won’t show at all in Google search results.

The site is:

When I search on Google for “inpolitical”, I doesn’t show anywhere.

Can someone please advise?


How long have you waited for Google to index your site? I can see it’s indexed some pages at least when searching directly across your domain

Thanks for your reply Kevin. It’s been about 2 weeks now. Hmm, you’re right…it is indexed, but for some reason if I just type inpolitical in search, nothing shows.

Is it just that it takes more time?

You probably need more time and backlinks for your site to gain authority. Another issue you’ll likely run into is Google autocorrecting “inpolitical” in the background, either to “unpolitical” or “political”.

When searching for a more specific term your site comes up but I had to click past Google’s auto-correcting

No results in first page:

After clicking the “Search only…” link:

Great, I guess it will just take time. Thanks again for checking, Kevin