Google search console - Found but not indexed

Hi all,

I am currently self hosting on the DigitalOcean platform and I have to say I quite like how everything is working so far. I am using a Droplet with a shared CPU (does normally not use more than 2.5%), 2GB of RAM and 25GB of storage.

Now I am trying to make sure my site gets indexed via the Google Search Console, however Google is giving me the error “Found - But not indexed”. The main reason is that Google seems to think they will overflow my website with too much traffic for it to handle, while my Droplet is barely doing a thing. Upgrading will cost me a ton and I will not be using the extra power.

Has anyone experienced this before, and if so, how did you fix it?

Before you panic, give it 24-48 hours. I’ve had sites sit in that state waiting for the Google bot to come back. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem.

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Unfortunatly after the “revalidation” it still gives this error.

Can you share the exact error message from Google Search Console? And the link to your site?

As @Cathy_Sarisky rightly mentioned, GSC often takes some time and can be a little flaky at times.

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Hi @RyanF for sure!

The link to the site is:

The exact messages (see image)

I think waiting is the best play here.

Have you submitted your sitemap yet?

Go to Sitemaps and follow the prompts to add your sitemap.

Ghost automatically generates a sitemap for you at

Oh yes, I have done that of course. Otherwise Google wont even start to index ;).

Quick little update. It looks like Google is slowly starting to index my pages. Hopefully it will keep working. Thanks for the help everyone!