Newie here. Best TAGS practices?

Hi there.
I’m preparing my first website using but need to quickly learn about TAGS.
The help doesn’t offer an explanation of best practices and how to incorporate them.

My blogs often feature stories about personalities that have been part of my life - Joan Rivers, for example. Would there be a tag that features Joan Rivers, for example?

I’d really appreciate your help and guidance.
Thank you.

How exactly you’ll want to tag depends a bit on your theme, but here are some generalities:

  • Put the most important tag first. That’s the primary tag, and some themes treat it special. After that, order doesn’t matter.
  • Start ‘secret’/internal tags with #. Don’t start other tags with #. Tags without # can be brought onto a page automagically just by doing /tag/tagslug. That doesn’t work for #internaltags.
  • Tags are probably most useful when they have multiple posts in them, but NOT when they’re applied to every post. (DO tag posts #blog and #podcast and #recipe if you have three content types and need to separate them. DO NOT tag everything #blog if you only have blog.)
  • Unlike the body of the post, the tag is searchable. So if you wanted to make it possible to search for Joan Rivers but not all of your posts about her have her name in the title, a tag could be a good workaround.
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Thank you! I really appreciate your tutorial and points. I will now apply them to my blogs.

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