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Hey everyone - I cannot find the newsletter ID in my Ghost Dashboard. We would like to subscribe the registered users of our webapp to the blog as subscribers.

The admin API has a property for the ID of the newsletter. Where can I find it?

Ghost Admin API Documentation

Hi! :wave: The dashboard doesn’t show this in the UI, but there are a few methods to get what you need.

The same API you’re posting to also has an endpoint for retrieving newsletter data.


If you’re using the Admin client, you can get this there too.

# example code
# `api` is the admin client
const response = await api.newsletters.browse();
console.log(response); // => JSON object

In the dashboard, head to, open the dev tools, and in the Network tab, look for a request to /ghost/api/admin/newsletters/?include=count.members%2Ccount.posts&limit=all.

All 3 show the same JSON with the id parameter you need.