Newsletter not showing audio/podcast embeds

Trying to post audio podcast via a URL link or an embed code. Works fine when published to a page, and shows up on mobile feed, too.
But nothing appears in Newsletter, either via preview or a sent newsletter.

thanks for any help.

Are you able to share a link to the post in question? Or mention which service you’re using to host/embed the podcast?

I’ve tried both the original host, and also have tried using a link from podnotes.

this week’s newsletter is here
but when it is emailed, the player is dropped.

thank you

Not Podnotes, “ListenNotes”

Thanks for following up.

It looks like the embed works through a JavaScript injection. Because email is generally limited in what it can show (and doesn’t do JavaScript), that’s why the player isn’t showing up.

What you can do, though, is use an Email content card, which will only show up in the Email. In the card, you can use a simple link to the podcast like this:

:studio_microphone: Listen to Texas Outlaw Writers podcast

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thanks for this. Let me give it a try this week.

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well, I thought I had it working. It will show up on Preview, but will not show up when emailed. I even used the “Spotify” link card.
I’ve tried to use a full embed code and just a link… just won’t seem to email.
And further thoughts?
I appreciate your help with this.

The issue here is that email can only show a small subset of what’s possible on the web. Therefore, things like Spotify and HTML embeds will be stripped out of the email.

Instead, you need to include just a plain old link to the podcast. You can put this in an email-only card to hide it from your published page on the web, while using the fancier Spotify embed or HTML embed there.

Does that makes sense?

So, (and I’m sorry to appear so dim…it’s because I’m dim!)
At present, there is no way to have any kind of (podcast) player show up in an emailed newsletter…
best just to put in an embedded link (which will be stripped out of the email version, but work on the posted article) AND, put a simple link into an email embed card, so that the simple link (no player) will at least get transmitted to newsletter recipients.

If that is all correct, is there any way to include this as a request-for-new-feature?
It seems like it would be a pretty important feature to cross-promote a related podcast.

and once again, thank you for your infinite patience in helping me with this.


You’ve got it.

The main limiting factor here, though, is email. It’s not possible to embed a podcast player in email (unless there’s some workaround I’m missing).

There are ways to cheat a little, though. For example, you could create an image that looks like the podcast player that just links to the real thing.

So, you could do take a screenshot like below and just link it to the episode on the web.

Let me know if that’s clear! :smile:

A good reason to often send a test email to see just what is hitting the inboxes.

I don’t know of any email client that will let an embedded player through … or, for that matter, any scripts at all. And not iFrames either, AFAIK. Too much risk.

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