Spotify embed doesn't render in email newsletter

Issue Summary
When I include a Spotify song embed in my post via the supported Spotify editor utility, the embedded song card (player and link) is viewable in the browser and mobile, but disappears in the email newsletter. Note that the song card is viewable in the newsletter preview.

I would expect the song card to be visible in the email, even if its not interactive/functional.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a post in the official “Edge” theme
  2. Add an embedded song link via Spotify.
  3. Preview the post to see that it shows the song card.
  4. Send yourself a test email and notice that the card is absent.

Setup information

Ghost Version

This is via the paid hosting service by Ghost.

Browser & OS version
Google Chrome

This is not a Ghost bug, iframes just don’t work in HTML emails. Read about what you can expect to work in email clients here:

Ok thanks for the quick response.

Maybe this should be a feature enhancement then. A few options:

  1. For the newsletter/email, convert iframe content into static (or hyperlinked) .png of the embedding so the concept isn’t lost for email readers.
  2. Remove the Spotify embed from rendering in the “Newsletter Preview” so users aren’t confused when the actual email differs from the preview.

Appreciate what you guys are building here!

I’m just a volunteer mod, but I’ll offer my feedback:

There a lot of different kinds of embedded content, and I think it would be hard to make solution that works for all the cases. Taking a “screenshot” to make a PNG is not easy either. The libraries I’ve dealt with are complex and can be fragile and not one I would b eager to add as a dependency.

I agree it would be nice if Ghost removed iframes from email previews (and emails) if they aren’t going to render in most email clients.

When in doubt, use the feature to send yourself a test email and see how it looks.

Yes, I’d post in the #ideas channel (and first look to see if anyone else has posted).

We look there to gauge interest in building enhancements like this. (We do provide something like this for YouTube embeds.)

Additionally, a workaround, for the time being, would be to add some email-only text via the editor:

:musical_score: Listen on Spotify

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