Newsletter subscription for my blog on another website

I have used ghost to create a blog for my main website. Now I want to prompt user to register for my newsletter i.e. blog on my main website when the user is registering. Is there any way for me to push that user email to my subscription list on the blog when the user signs up on my main website (given they check on the newsletter subscription)? The only way I could think of so far was to update a list of subscribers on my main website and upload the list of those users manually on my ghost blog. But that is clearly not an ideal way.

Apologies in advance in case this question comes across as very stupid :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot in advance.


I think most people use Zapier for this - to send subscribers from other tools into Ghost.
Zapier allows you to setup automations like this pretty easily.


Yes Zapier is totally the way to go. Create a zap to automate what you’re doing manually.

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Thanks, will have a look.

Thanks, certainly going to try Zapier.