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Hey! Is anyone hosting a newsletter landing page and if so what theme do you recommend for it? I’d like to create a paywall for premium subscribers too. Thanks!

You can use @dan s Substation theme. Substation: a newsletter-first theme (Substack on Ghost)

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Thanks for sharing!

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My Pleasure!

Thanks for the plug @inoryum. Substation looks great @dan! Do you have any live examples I can check out by any chance?

You are welcome & here is demo of substation theme

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Thanks!! Was wondering whether you had any live newsletters publishers that are using that I can check out @dan (@inoryum if you know:)), just to how other customized it and see different flows. Thanks for your help!

Hi Luca, here are a couple of sites using it:


I also use it.

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Awesome thanks guys @dan @ryanerickson

YO, @dan. Thanks for link INF Club, that shit is right up my street. Also, starting a new project myself, didn’t want to use Substack, didn’t feel right. Plus I wanted my own domain name. I have also been trying to start something using Ghost for ages.

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Glad to hear it @benravetta! Let me know if you have any questions about the theme (DM or email)

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Purchased the theme last night, already balls-deep in customising it. Really love it. I always overthink stuff and procrastinate about things. “Ooh, gotta have a Table of Contents” … “Oh I need this too” … “Don’t forget that” … “Should I integrate Discourse?” … “Should I even be using Ghost?” … “I really like this WordPress theme …” … “I wish I had Ghost’s simplicity with WordPress’ ease of customisation”.


This theme has helped me focus on the task.