What theme does publisherweekly.org use?

Is the publisherweekly.org theme available for download or purchase anywhere?

It’s a fork of London, which is free and open source here :)

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Great, thanks for the quick reply.

Is the code for Publisher Weekly also free and open source? It looks very different to the London theme. I imagine a lot of work must have gone into customizing it.

It did, and it’s all custom / not re-usable – so not OSS at the moment.

We release things as much as we can, but the burden of supporting them is not insignificant - so that’s a factor that we have to weigh.

Has anyone found good paid or free options similar to Publisher Weekly or Substack? I love that Ghost has done such great work on a smooth subscription and members model and it’s clear many are having success with this on Substack. But I was surprised that there aren’t any themes that are subscriber first the way Substack is. Having the email sign up as the clear call to action is vital and it would be great to see a Ghost supported theme that borrows the proven conversion methods of Substack and Publisher Weekly.

Just a quick note to say that we’re working on one. It’s in very early stages and won’t be ready for a while yet, but totally agree we need to have an official native / friendly theme for this :slight_smile:

For personal blogs/newletters, you can check out Pico in the meantime:

That’s great news and I was just checking out Pico. Thanks for all the incredible work on simplifying subscriptions. It’s really impressive.

For those looking and wiling to pay I’ve found a few that might work for others:

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Sorry to bump an old thread but has there been any progress in this regard?
In terms of setting up a call to action to sign up for ghost based membership sites

I just released a theme for this use case.