Newsletter with multiple blog posts

Hi all,

I’d like to send fortnightly newsletters that point to a a range of the blog posts from that fortnight.

(Readers wont want a new post every time there is a new blog post).

Is there a way that lets me send a newsletter with a snapshot of a few key posts? If so, how?

Or am I better off using a free mailchimp account?



Just to add a “+1” to this thread… I’d love the ability to drop in a markdown or HTML snippet that displays eg. the latest or featured posts. If anyone can point me to a resource that would help me to develop this, if it’s even possible to do, I’d be hugely appreciative!


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Has anyone come up with a work around for this? One option is to create a specific ‘newsletter post’ and then add bookmarks from other posts, but that then requires you to have to ‘hide the newsletter post’ on the site etc…

I can’t launch until I have this sorted as readers will need some kind of prompt when new content is up (but they definitely will not want a prompt after every single new post!).

I’m reluctant to have to then join mailchimp, but can’t wait much longer to launch…

Any suggestions?

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