Ghost Newsletter #1

Hello everyone,

This is issue number #1 of Ghost News. I will share with you what’s new in Ghost, updates, and useful content.

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Over $140,000 Made by Publishers

Let’s start with this tweet by John O’Nolan, the creator of Ghost. Independent publishers have made over $140,000 using Ghost with the membership feature. Great and encouraging news for anyone who is thinking about making a paid newsletter using Ghost. It’s good to know that Ghost receives no commission for that money, so publishers receive them in full. That’s a good thing comparing to other publishing tools.

Acquiring IVEEL

Ghost recently announced the acquisition of the themes shop IVEEL. All IVEEL themes are now available for free. A good step for Ghost and for the community and will make onboarding easier. I’m afraid this will affect the premium theme developers. What do you think?.

Read more about the acquisition at Ghost + IVEEL.

Ghost 4.0

In his recent blog post, John revealed some interesting news about what’s coming to Ghost 4.0. The main thing mentioned was the new membership embeddable UI. By using that, your Ghost website will be membership ready regardless of which theme you use. You will no longer require custom code membership in your theme. Embed the UI and you are ready.

This is already implemented into the Rediverge website. Go and give a try.

For more information about this, read the full post at An early look at what’s coming next in Ghost 4.0. Note, it’s a paid post, so you will need to subscribe.


Subscribed to 50+ newsletters. Lessons I’ve learned

Some great and practical tips from Janel for newsletter improvements.

Self-host Ghost on Your Dedicated Server or VPS

A step by step guide about how to host and install a blog with Ghost on a dedicated server, or a VPS, with Ubuntu 18.04.

Building Businesses, Websites & Travelling the World

Interesting interview with John by Ali Abdaal. They talked about Ghost, how it got started, traveling around the world, lifestyle, and more interesting topics. It was great to know that Ali’s website is using my Krabi theme as it was mentioned in the interview.

That’s it for today and I hope you find it useful. Feel free to share your findings and any interesting resource.

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