Nikko - Ghost Theme for Newsletters

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce we released a new Ghost Theme: :sparkles: Nikko :sparkles: .

Demo | Explore & Purchase Nikko | Documentation

Nikko is a newsletter-focused theme, that comes with a unique layout and 4 home pages by default. So you have options for a classic layout as well as something more personal:

The theme comes with 5 different post types (these can be assigned to each post in Ghost Admin):

  • default: simple post layout
  • post with full image
  • post with background image
  • post with sidebar
  • post with table of contents

Nikko comes with full support for the Ghost members feature

  • custom account page
  • custom membership page

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Feel free to get in contact in case of questions.

Thank you,


Good job, it looks awesome !

Thank you!

Good job brother :+1:t2:


There’s a problem with the lightbox JavaScript you’re using.

The background still scrolls up and down on a mobile device while your swiping images.

The solution is to abandon that lightbox and use one like photoswipe (see my other posts).

The problem with photoswipe though is that (at least I can’t figure out how) it’s make it apply to all images on screen like your lightbox does.

Also, the lightbox you’re using freaks out if you try to enlarge a photo on mobile - photoswipe doesn’t.

Lastly, photoswipe allows you to swipe up or down and close the lightbox - like all modern social media platforms and what users expect.

Try this demo on the gallery element and you’ll see what I mean: When tech brands get illustration right

Nice theme.

First I want to say, I don’t own the theme. But I use another theme from bironthemes!

The support is kind and very helpfull if you have problems!

The code is very well coded and easy to change :slight_smile:

So you safe if you buy from bironthemes

Taxick @

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Thanks for the feedback, I will check it out, although I don’t have any scrolling while swiping.
I agree the swipe up/down to close is nice.

The background scrolling is definitely there - intermittent, but there. Here’s a video showing that it does occasionally occur on your theme. It’s a screen recording from my iPhone 12 Xs Max Pro

I’ve been experimenting with creating my own themes which is why I know that you’re using fslightbox.js and probably this code injection:

const images = document.querySelectorAll('.kg-image-card img, .kg-gallery-card img');

// Lightbox function
images.forEach(function (image) {
  var wrapper = document.createElement('a');
  wrapper.setAttribute('data-no-swup', '');
  wrapper.setAttribute('data-fslightbox', '');
  wrapper.setAttribute('href', image.src);
  wrapper.setAttribute('aria-label', 'Click for Lightbox');
  image.parentNode.insertBefore(wrapper, image.parentNode.firstChild);

<script src="/assets/js/fslightbox.js">

That’s how I know about this problem.

This is what it should work like and work like:

Granted it’s a Wordpress plugin, but I use it on my Wordpress site:

Quite nice theme. Good job.
Already purchased it. Ran into some issues. Will contact you soon to fix it.

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Nikko = Fantastico!

Thank you for all of the great themes you provide for the community!!!

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It’s pretty!

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Haha, thanks!

Wow Norbert, this is a beautiful theme! Would love to have you join our Slack chat. There’s some discussion about how the Ghost theme system works.

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Looks fantastic! Is it optimised to pass Core Web Vitals?

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Yes, the most important metrics (LCP, FID, CLS) were all taken into consideration during theme development and optimized.

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It Looks great!. Awesome job. Cheers!

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Absolutely amazing job. Kudos to the author!

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Thank you!

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