No images in AMP pages - Docker

Hello everyone and thanks for the help you can give me.
The generated AMP pages do not display the images contained in the posts.

Here is the code generated at the place where there should be an image :


@MoryCorp do you have any network config or firewalls that may be blocking your Ghost instance from making http(s) requests to it’s own configured url? I ask because we’ve seen that before with Docker setups and it will break AMP image support as well as scheduled posts.

Hi @Kevin no firewall at all :confused:

It’s not necessarily a firewall, it could well be how your Docker container’s networking is set up. I’m not too familiar with Docker and it’s not our standard/supported setup so can’t really help too much on that side of things. If you’re not sure how to debug this perhaps someone from the community more familiar with Docker can help.

Hi, well I’m still not able to load images in AMP so I would really appreciate help