--no-prompt update and backup

Is there a way to force --no-prompt to work for Ghost backups? Ghost update respects --no-prompt but backup does not. I’m trying to build an automatic backup and system using Siri Shortcuts SSH support.

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Bumping this. I’m not finding anything in search about creating a --no-prompt workflow for Ghost backups. Does anyone have a solution?

Similar situation, I wanted to auto-backup to Backblaze.

From what I can see, the update functionality relies only on a Y/N confirmation, which can take a default value, whereas the export functionality uses input prompts, which simply aborts if given the --no-prompt option (see here).

I think the prompt function’s code would have to be modified to abort only when not given default arguments, as well as take inputs from command line arguments.

EDIT: I found this: Running “ghost backup” automated in shell script with Expect // manually works, crontab doesn’t I think this is a good alternative