No save or preview buttons in mobile editor?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to make the most of editing in the Ghost Pro mobile interface in my browser on Android (sometimes Chrome, sometimes Firefox) and for the most part it works fine.

I’ve noticed though that there doesn’t seem to be a save button, or a preview button.

In the case of saving a draft, I understand it’s supposed to happen on the fly, but in my latest draft I’m unable to back out of the post without being told I have unsaved changes. I’m hesitant to refresh the page, lest I lose anything…

As for preview, yeah. Is there a button in the mobile view?

Yours in constant “wishing I knew Ghost was more of a platform for devs than normal humans before I bought an annual Pro sub” confusion,


Okay, cool…!


Just tried it – and yeah, the button is hidden. If it’s important to you, it might be worth adding it to the Ideas section as a feature request.

From a quick look I had at the code, it might be a bit more than simply adding the button, since the entire preview view isn’t very mobile friendly: