Can I have a save button, please?

The pop-up asking you if you want to leave the current page without saving is completely broken. It will pop-up randomly, even just after publishing something and leaves me with a uneasy feeling every time. Is Ghost actually saving my content? Why is the pop-up asking me to save, when there is no explicit save-button?! What workaround do I need to force Ghost to auto-save?

Auto-save works great when it works, but for the love of god just add an explicit save-button. Unless, of course, there already is one I’ve simple not found it…


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The content is being saved, the bug with the popup is a known issue due to some relative->absolute URL transformations, it’s being tracked here Assets & Resources URL rules · Issue #10477 · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub

If you ever want to force save you can always hit Ctrl/Cmd+S


Ok! Thanks for the info!

@Christofer if you want to write without Distraction you can install a App called “iA-Writer” available for Mac/Windows and Android/iOS and maybe with the use of WINE for Linux. :wink:

+1 one, it bugs me often lately.

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