Ghost Publisher: An iOS App for Ghost

Have you, like me, been wishing you could edit your blog on the go, but the ghost editor says mobile editing isn’t supported? Well if you have an iOS device (sorry, I’m not an Android developer), you’re in luck! Today I published the first version of my Ghost Publisher app. It’s open source, just like Ghost, and is available on any iOS device running iOS 13 or later.

Features include:

  • Markdown editing and preview
  • Image upload and Unsplash search
  • Automatic draft saving
  • Publishing options, including email and scheduling posts
  • Feature images (either from your device or via Unsplash)
  • Custom slugs, tags, authors, and excerpts

If you have any issues, feedback, or feature requests, please feel free to submit an issue on GitHub (please don’t make fun of me for my messy code) , or a comment on my Ghost blog.

Download on the App Store


@DavidDarnes I think this is good for Ghost users.


Fantastic! Many thanks! I was looking for this for many years now! :wink:

web: n0c0de
twitter: @n0c0de1

Nice. Thank you!