Noob question re: Instagram integration

Hi, I’m new to Ghost and I’d like to include a carousel of my latest Instagram photos on my Ghost homepage. I don’t want to put my Instagram access token in JavaScript so I want to query Instagram from the server-side before sending the page to the client. Does Ghost give me a way to make a server-side call out to the Instagram API to fetch the photos? How would I go about doing this? Thank you in advance.

Hey @decimal :wave:

Ghost doesn’t provide any additional server-side scripting. However, if your site is behind Cloudflare, you can set up Cloudflare Workers, or you can use other serverless offerings. You could also set up a cron script that updates the post every X minutes (which is something I’ve done in the past).

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I know it’s been a while and I’m not sure if you’ve found a solution to your problem but LightWidget has a pretty good reasonably responsive free instagram carousel. I found the free version to meet all my needs so depending on what you’re making you might not even need to upgrade but if you decide to it’s only a one time fee and not a subscription service

If you’re not editing the templates directly then you’ll need to put the code they give you in an HTML box in the CMS

I use LightWidget for my own blog, and for several customers - about 16 months smooth running so far - everyone seems happy.

You will need to fork out $10 if you want HTTPS - LetsEncrypt!

IMHO it’s worth it - of course, you can roll your own, including the Insta oauth infra etc - but I guarantee that will cost you more than $10 in time!