Not able to use the GoDaddy custom email after configuring the DNS settings as per mailgun

Hi all! I’m trying to figure something out since long, really need some help now.

Some background info:
My domain name provider is GoDaddy, and I already have a custom email address as

I set up a mailgun account using my root domain itself, i.e.

Due to configuring the DNS settings (TXT, MX, CNAME records) for on my GoDaddy account, I’m not able to sign in to the custom email account that I already had (

The GoDaddy portal says I need to fix some errors for making it work again, and when I click on that the DNS settings go back to their previous configurations and then I’m again able to sign in to the custom mail.

It seems like there is some mismatch happening because of the way the custom email would work (as per GoDaddy, for e.g. the CNAME value corresponding to ‘email’ was ‘’ earlier), and the settings for mailgun require me to set it to ‘’.

But I want to use this as the email for sending newsletters from my Ghost admin.


Kindly someone please let me know:

  1. Is it the limitation of GoDaddy? Or

  2. Do I need to setup a subdomain for mailgun instead of a root domain (which I tried to, but the domain verification was failing in that case)? Or

  3. There is something else that I’m doing wrong here?

Additional Problem:

P.S. Also, in the Ghost Admin, I am not able to manually change the ‘from’ email address for sending newsletters to any other email address apart from ‘’, because it says that the ‘confirmation mail sent’, but I don’t receive any mail to any account that I try with.

That said, other aspects related to members and subscriptions like signups, logins are working fine. I can post other details related to this as well if required.

I’d really be glad if someone can help me with these things.

(Apologies for not following the proper template)

Thanks a lot in advance!

Well, I finally managed to solve it guys.

The problem was that I actually replaced the initial MX records in my DNS config with the MX records given by mailgun (which was not needed as it was optional).

So now I deleted the MX records for mailgun and reconfigured the previous MX records set by GoDaddy. Doing this fixed my email sign in issue.

And after this I was also able to receive the confirmation link from Ghost admin to set myname@mydomainname as the new email address for newsletter. I still somehow don’t receive the confirmation mail on my personal gmail account (which I tried doing just for testing), however it doesn’t really matter and I believe this might by be design that personal mails might not be working with this setup. Not sure though.

However, my both the problems got solved.