Notification when New Member is added

What is the best way to know that a member was added to my site?

Currently I manually check the members area in the admin panel.

Is there a way (apart from Zapier) to send notification to admin when a new member is added on my blog… to either telegram, slack, email, whatsapp etc ?

Current Slack-Ghost integration only notifies on new post. Is there a way to get notifs on ‘New Member added’

(I tried custom integration with slack, the new member action is triggered but it doesn’t send a notification in the designated slack group.)

Zapier gets expensive real fast. So avoiding altogether.

I use Zapier to send me an email every time a new member subscribes and it’s fine. But it’s true I get a new one only every couple of days.

Shooting in the blind: maybe try using api webhooks?

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I also use Zapier, fwiw. works a treat. It nicely integrates with Mailchimp/EmailOctopus, too. (e.g. someone signs up on Ghost - with 2 zaps you can 1) receive an auto-email 2) have them automatically added to an email list)

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Zapier gets expensive once you start getting lots of subscribers. Each subscribers triggers a task on zapier, If you have multi step zaps, each sub will trigger more tasks.

Need more than 100 tasks? Upgrade Zapier tier. More than 750? Upgrade.

Zapier gets expensive when you get more subs and activity on your website. Not sustainable in the long term.

I think for me, even when I need to upgrade, the cost will be worth it for the value provided / time saved overall. There was an interesting thread I saw about Zapier/cost over here