E-mail notification when new member signs up

Is it possible to get an e-mail notification when a new member signs up?


i would love to have this option!

My workaround so far is using the notification from another service (like Revue) and connecting it to Ghost. When Zapier sends the user to the other service, then that service sends me a notification via mail.

It would be waaayyy better via Ghost natively.

Yes this is quite easy! You can set up a custom integration and send a webhook to any service you like which supports incoming webhooks (eg. Slack/Telegram)

Or if you’d prefer, you can always use Zapier to receive the webhooks from Ghost and send them to any notification service you like :slight_smile:


check out this - Get New members registration Notification on Telegram and Gotify(Self-hosted Push Notification Service)

I got it working by using Zapier. When “Member created in Ghost” “Send Outbound Email”. Thanks!


In case anyone needs a detailed tutorial i’ll leave it here:

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Agreed. Just added a Zapier pipeline for it and it was ridiculously easy to setup.
Took me < 1 min and I archived exactly what I’ve wanted.