Obtain subscribers from China

My stripe account has activated WeChat Pay and Alipay, but Ghost’s subscription payment options still do not have these two, only debit card. It seems that Ghost does not support these two payment methods vey well, for most Chinese consumers prefer to use these two payment methods rather than credit and debit card. Can Ghost solve this problem?

If Stripe doesn’t support subscriptions for that payment method, there’s not an easy fix.

Here’s a workaround: create an alternate payment link that uses one of these providers. When they pay through that, use the ghost api to give them complimentary access to the site.

Then you’ll need some automation to bill them again after their payment expires or remove their access if they don’t pay.

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It’s not really something Ghost can fix, but rather WeChat Pay that doesn’t support recurring payments and for AliPay you need to be approved by Stripe in order to have recurring payments activated.

Hope this helps. :)