Ghost platform only seems to allow credit card payments

Ghost platform only seems to allow credit card payments, even though my stripe has activated the recurring payment function of Alipay which is still not supported in Ghost. Are there any other solutions?

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Have a look here: Obtain subscribers from China - #3 by ronaldlangeveld

My Alipay has been approved by Stripe, and then Alipay can be used for recurring payment in a separate payment link. But when customers subscribe through Ghost, they can still only choose a credit card.

We’ve now resolved this issue and added beta support for additional payment methods - including Paypal and iDEAL

This will ship tomorrow in Ghost 5.82.0 and be available on Ghost(Pro) early next week

I’m going to close this topic, but please open new topics if you use this feature and have feedback about it - we’d love to hear how it goes.