StripeAPI limited to Card, while API works with other payment methods

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Issue Summary

  • Explain roughly what’s wrong:
    Currently only Cards are available as payment method in Ghost.
    This seems to be limited in Ghost/ghost/stripe/lib/StripeAPI.js on line Line 461 and Line 555:

payment_method_types: [‘card’]

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Have a Ghost install connected to Stripe with a paid plan.
  2. In your Stripe account go to enable other payment and select at platform ‘Ghost’
  3. Message:

Ghost is managing payment methods for you

Ghost has not enabled you to manage payment methods from the dashboard.

The following steps show that the API will work correct with other payment methods.

  1. Select platform ‘No Platform’ and enable methods like iDeal, SEPA, Paypal, etc. (+follow verification steps if needed)
  2. In Stripe go to product catalog and select one of your product (aka subscriptions)
  3. At pricing select one of them and create a payment link.
  4. Now use the payment link and subscribe.
  5. you will be added through the API to the Ghost memberships.

A last additions, it could be that the simplified API from Stripe is the way to fix this:

Setup information

Ghost Version

Node.js Version

How did you install Ghost?
Though Caprover

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not relevant.

Database type
*MySQL 8 *

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Thanks for the well-written report — You’re right, we’ve said this works and it currently doesn’t. There have been a few different PRs to fix it, but they’ve all gotten stuck at various points.

Taking another look now

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Great report Frank, thanks. Hope this issue can be solved asap, John. Glad you are picking it up. iDeal is by far the most-used payment method in the Netherlands, see iDEAL payments for businesses | Stripe. Okay, NL does not have the size of China or the US, it is the 20th largest market for eCommerce with a predicted revenue of US$25,153.3 million by 2024, placing it ahead of Argentina.

Update — we dug into this today and spent some time testing a change to enable support for additional payment methods. It all seems to work without issue.

However, we want some real world testing before we roll this out for everyone, so we’re going to start by shipping this as a beta which can be enabled from Ghost → Settings → Labs

This will be released tomorrow in Ghost 5.82.0, and rolled out to Ghost(Pro) next week.

Docs here:


I can confirm SEPA is working, but have trouble enabling recurring for Bancontact/iDeal in the Ghost configuration of Stripe.


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Same here. No sign of iDeal…