Offer Gumroad Discounts with Ghost Membership

Hi! I am trying to offer discounts on my digital products when the users are subscribed to a specific plan. So, how can I implement that?
Like, the ‘PRO’ tier offers a discount of 10% on all products, so how can I automatically change the gumroad product prices to a 10% discount?
Please Help!

It looks like Gumroad has a discount feature you could use to create an offer code that you can share with paid members.

Beyond that, I’d recommend reaching out to Gumroad’s support to ask if they have any other suggestions :)

Ok, I wanted it like this: when the user subscribes to a paid plan, it will automatically add discounts and when the user cancels the paid subscription, it will remove the discounts. The discount code has a drawback, like if user subscribes, just to view the discount code, and then cancels the subscription immediately, he has the discount code for the products, without being a paid subscriber. So that is what I want to tackle. I will ask the Gumroad Support about it, I guess. Thanks for your help!